< CS Fundamentals Introduction (2018-19 curriculum)

Day 1

Session 9: Prep Plugged Lesson

30 minutes

lesson exploration | lesson planning


Practice using the materials to plan a plugged lesson.


  • are comfortable with the materials provided for preparing a plugged lesson
  • are prepared to dry run a plugged lesson

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • Make sure participants are sitting in their groups from unplugged dry run before lunch

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • Computers
  • Lesson assignments


Set Up (2 minutes)

Planning Time (28 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

Set Up (2 minutes)

(2 minutes) Set Up


Now you’re going to plan the plugged lesson that was assigned before lunch.

Goal for the next 30 minutes: (slide)

  • Go through your lesson and consider the following: (keep these prompts on the screen during prep)

    • What concepts are covered in your lesson?
    • How are these activities different from the puzzles we explored earlier?
    • How will you introduce this type of activity with students?
    • What role can you take in helping all of your students engage with this lesson?
    • When are students likely to experience frustration? How might you support students who are feeling this way? Think about being a lead learner!
  • Make a plan for how you would use this lesson with your students.

    • How will you approach this lesson with your students?
  • At the end of this planning session, you should be prepared to do a 15 minutes dry run of the lesson. In this dry run you will be the guide for lesson to the other pair at your table.

Planning Time (28 minutes)

(28 minutes) Planning Time

  • Partners work together to prep their plugged lessons
  • While participants work, move through the room. Anticipate:
    • Supporting teachers in navigating materials
    • Questions about lessons
    • Off topic conversations that need to be redirected
    • Misunderstanding of directions

Teaching Tip

For this planning session, teachers assigned A.4 should not plan the bridging activity (because they haven't planned or dry run lesson A.3 which the bridge is using). Instead, during planning these teachers should:

  • skim the first page of A.3 ("Plant a Seed") before planning the lesson,
  • plan to dry run lesson A.4 ("Sequencing with Angry Birds") without the bridging activity.

A Note for Kindergarten Teachers/Course A Planners

Because of the structure of Course A, it is very important that teachers experience the marble run activity featured in lessons 1 and 2. The first Course A planning group will be not be planning a lesson sequence that shows the unplugged-to-plugged transition. This is because there is no plugged lesson immediately following A.1 or A.2.