Day 1

Session 8: Website

30 minutes

facilitator presentation | setting the stage


Understand how to navigate the website and set up their classes.


  • Participants leave with Code Studio Teacher account (should already have one)
  • Participants will leave with at least one section set up and assigned to the appropriate course

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • None

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • Computers
  • Class Roster

Agenda Website Demo (30 minutes)

Hands On (10 minutes)

Facilitation Guide Website Demo (30 minutes)

Teaching Tip

This could be done during lunch to save time. If you do it during lunch still give people time to get food and go to the bathroom. Once everyone has had about ~20 minutes as is back in their seats start the demo. As they finish eating they can then try it for themselves.

(10 minutes) Demo: How to make a section

  • Different types of logins/accounts
  • How to assign a course
  • How to add students to the section

(10 minutes) Demo: Materials and Resources

  • How to access teacher materials within the course (lesson plan, answers, etc)
  • Heads up about what they can find in the website help guides and where those live (linked in notes)
  • Forum ( and how to use it
  • Bug reports

Hands On (10 minutes)

(10 minutes) Work Time

Teachers have time to set up a class on the website and get familiar with navigating around.