Day 1

Session 10: Dry Run 2: Plugged

50 minutes

lesson exploration | lesson dry run


Participants have done a dry run of their plugged lessons, seen a dry run of another plugged lesson, and discussed plugged lessons.


  • have done a dry run of their plugged lesson
  • have experienced a dry run of a different plugged lesson
  • have reflected on how they can be an active part of the process of teaching plugged lessons and how they fit into the classroom

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • make sure participants are sitting in their groups from unplugged dry run before lunch

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • computers
  • lesson assignments


Do Dry Runs (35 minutes)

Reflect and Discuss (15 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

Do Dry Runs (35 minutes)

(2 minutes) Setup

Teaching Tip

For this session, each pair of teachers need should work with with the same pair they worked with on unplugged dry runs before lunch.


It’s time for another round of dry runs! Just like before, this is not a role play activity. It’s a safe space for you to talk to one another as colleagues and share ideas about what will and won’t work with your students. The focus of the dry run should be sharing and practicing your ideas for the lesson

(15 minutes) Group 1 Dry Run

(3 minutes) Transition to Group 2

(15 minutes) Group 2 dry run

Reflect and Discuss (15 minutes)

(13 minutes) Discussion

Discussion Goal

Now that teachers have context planning and dry running both unplugged and plugged lessons, we can talk more about the progression and connection between unplugged and plugged lessons. Focus share out discussions here on talking about opportunities to use the unplugged-to-plugged progression as an equity build opportunity.

(2 minutes) Participants reflect on their own

  • What did you learn here that will impact how you use these lessons with your students? any specific strategies or practices?
  • What role can you take in helping all of your students engage with plugged lessons?

(5 minutes) Discuss at Tables

Share thoughts on reflection prompts above as well as the following prompt:

Prompt How does the structure of the curriculum (introducing concepts with unplugged lessons, then building on them with plugged lessons) influence how your students interact with the computer science concepts covered in CS Fundamentals?

(6 minutes) Whole Group Share Out

(2 minutes) Notes for Implementation Plan

Participants note anything relevant that they want to keep in mind for their implementation plans (class setup constraints, when to introduce the lesson, etc)