Day 1

Session 6: Dry Run 1: Unplugged

55 minutes

lesson exploration | lesson dry run


Participants have done a dry run of their unplugged lessons, seen a dry run of another unplugged lesson, and discussed unplugged lessons.


  • have done a dry run of their lesson
  • have experienced a dry run of a different lesson
  • have reflected on unplugged lessons and how they fit into the classroom

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • Participants sitting in pods of 4 (2 groups of 2.) Each group having prepped a different lesson.

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • Lesson materials from prep session


Do Dry Runs (40 minutes)

Reflect and Discuss (15 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

Do Dry Runs (40 minutes)

Teaching Tip

For this session, each pair of teachers need to be grouped up with another pair who has planned a different lesson, and, if possible, has looked at the same course. If it's not possible to group each pair with another from the same course, try to group people from adjactent courses.

(5 minutes) Setup


For the next 40 minutes we’re going to take turns doing dry runs of the lessons we started planning in the previous session. We’ll start with the lesson that comes first in the curriculum. The pair that planned that lesson will have 15 minutes to dry run with the other pair at the table. After 15 minutes you will switch and the second pair will run their lesson. Any questions before we get started

Address any questions.


Remember, this is not a role play activity. It’s a safe space for you to talk to one another as colleagues and share ideas about what will and won’t work with your students. The focus of the dry run should be sharing and practicing your ideas for the lesson

(15 minutes) Group 1 Dry Run

(2-5 minutes) Transition to Group 2

Some groups might go long and others will require set up before they can start, so expect variation on how long this transition takes.

(15 min) Group 2 Dry Run

Reflect and Discuss (15 minutes)

(13 minutes ) Reflection and Discussion

Discussion Goal

This is a key discssion where you can start laying a foundation for later conversations about issues of equity. Focus the whole group conversation on the importance of and ability to use unplugged activities to:

  1. Get buy-in from students
  2. Build confidence for students who might not self identify or be stereotyped as "tech kids" or "cs kids"

(2 min) Participants reflect on their own

  • Anything surprising about unplugged activities?
  • What did you learn here that will impact how you use these lessons with your students?
  • Any specific strategies or practices?

(5 min) discuss at tables

Share thoughts on reflection prompts above + “what role can you take in building confidence with your students through unplugged lessons?”

(6) Whole group share out

(2 minutes) Notes for Implementation Plan

Participants note anything relevant that they want to keep in mind for their implementation plans (class setup constraints, when to introduce the lesson, etc)