Day 1

Session 13: Implementation Plan

35 minutes

discussion-based | jigsaw discussion


Teachers have time to make a plan for bringing CS Fundamentals to their classroom or school.


  • have a plan for getting CSF into my classroom or into the classrooms of the teachers i support
  • have had a chance to share my plan and get feedback
  • have had a chance to hear ideas from other people

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • None

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • Laptops
  • School calendar


Connect to the Day (2 minutes)

Make a Plan (33 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

Connect to the Day (2 minutes)


We’ve just been talking about what it means to teach CS to all students. today you’ve seen 6 different lessons (between lessons I modeled, those you planned, and those you saw in dry runs). We’ve also practiced using the tools to set up a section of students. Now, in our last hour together we’ll transition to building a plan for implementing your first CS Fundamentals lesson in your classroom.


Let’s start by revisiting your intentions from the start of the day.

  • Do you have any questions that haven't been answered that are blocking you from making a plan to get started with CS Fundamentals? if so, flag down facilitator during your planning time
  • Have your intentions changed now that you know more about the course?”

Make a Plan (33 minutes)



The next 30 minutes (until 4.10 pm) is your time to start planning. I ask that you use this time to make a plan for getting started with CS Fundamentals, whatever that means for you. For classroom teachers, I hope that means teaching your students a lesson. For district or school level administrators, i hope that means getting with your teachers to help them get ready to teach. Use the following prompts to reflect on what you need in order to get started with CS fundamentals in your classroom. You can feel free to write in your journal, or type up your plans, but you should get them in writing:

  • Getting answer to questions
    • What questions do you have?
    • Where can you find answers those questions?
  • Scheduling
    • When could CS Fundamentals fit into the schedule (either your own or for the teachers you support)?
    • What needs to happen between now and then to make offering the course possible?
  • Coordinating
    • Is there anyone at your school you need to work with in order to start teaching CS Fundamentals? (reserving space in the computer lab, finding ways to integrate into lessons, etc)
    • When can you talk to those people?

(20 minutes) Work Time on Plan

  • Facilitator circulates and answers questions as they come up

(5 minutes) Buddy Share

If you’re at a place where you can stop and share, find a buddy and share your plans with one another. Do either of you have ideas for how to augment each other’s plan? Do you have things you want to add to your own plan after hearing from someone else?

(5 minutes) Finalize Plan

Finalize your own plan based on feedback and ideas you’ve gotten from other teachers.