Day 1

Session 12: Teaching CSF to All Students

30 minutes

discussion-based | scaffolded whole group


Discuss what it means to teach CS Fundamentals in a way that is accessible to all students.


  • know the difference between equity and equality
  • have thought about what it will take for students to get access to equitable CS education in their school
  • have empathy with the student experience

Supplies & Prep


Connecting Discussion (8 minutes)

Moving Into Equity (5 minutes)

Video (5 minutes)

Teaching CS to All Students (13 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

Connecting Discussion (8 minutes)

(8 minutes) Connection between Unplugged and Plugged lessons

Prompt: Look back on the lessons you've experienced today. how are unplugged and plugged lessons connected? Why do you think we have so many unplugged lessons in the curriculum?

  • (45 seconds) Think
  • (3.5 minutes) Share with a partner
    • To get people up and moving, consider making this a “silent meeting ”, where participants make eye contact with someone at a different table. That person is their new discussion partner for the next 3 minutes
    • If you do a silent meeting, leave 30 seconds to transition back to seats
  • (3 minutes) Share out
    • Discussion goals to draw out:
      • Unplugged lessons introduce concepts in a fun way that doesn’t feel like CS
        • Important because it’s important to introduce concepts in an accessible way.
      • Programming concepts in the tool are covered in a way that removes the need to remember syntax in favor of focusing on understanding concepts.

Moving Into Equity (5 minutes)

(5 minutes) Table discussion: Moving into equity

Prompt: Consider your students.

  • How many of them have prior knowledge or background experience with Computer Science (outside of whatever you might have taught them already)?
  • Do you think these activities can be presented in a way that is accessible to all of your students?”

Participants talk at tables. Facilitator circulates listening in for discussions that are worth drawing out to the whole group in the next share out.

Video (5 minutes)

(5 minutes) Video


We’ve been talking right now about some of the structures in the curriculum that are designed to make the course accessible to all students. I’d like to play a short video that will give us a chance to hear from students about their experience in getting access to computer science.

Play Equity video

Teaching CS to All Students (13 minutes)

(2 minutes) Reflect

  • What can you (in your role in the school) do to help make sure your students have a learning environment that enables equitable access to computer science instruction?
  • What barriers exist that make this challenging?

(11 minutes) Discussion:

(5 minutes) Table discussion


Let’s open your reflections up to the table. As a table, talk about what you just reflected on. In addition to these prompts, let’s also open up the discussion to any strategies that folks have about addressing the barriers that are being shared.

(5 minutes) Whole group discussion

  • Open up the discussion to a whole group share out.
  • Discussion goals:
    • Reflection prompt 1 — Your role in creating an equitable environment
      • The need to prioritize students who are lacking background or context
      • Creating an equitable environment is an active process that takes intention
    • Reflection prompt 2 — barriers and strategies for addressing
      • Pull out at least 2 barriers and ideas for how to address

(1 minute) Wrap up


There have been some really great strategies shared here for addressing barriers to equity. I would also like to call your attention to as a framing resource that to help you build an equitable computer science classroom.