Day 1

Session 1: Welcome to the Intro to CSF workshop

30 minutes

facilitator presentation | setting the stage


Overview of the workshop, the course and the day.


  • Know how to physically navigate the space (bathrooms, question parking lot, etc)
  • Have context for the rest of the day (definition of CS, know misconceptions about CS)
  • Can describe the key elements of CSF
  • Know an overview of the sessions to be covered during the workshop
  • Have set intentions for the workshop to be revisited at the end of the day
  • Group has norms for the day

Supplies & Prep

Room Setup:

  • Pods of 4 around the room with easy line of sight to the board/projector (resource from sarahfair)
  • At each seat:
    • Curriculum guide, name tag, swag bag
  • At each table:
    • Post its, markers, pens, scratch paper, candy
    • Table tent with a table number (needed for lesson assignments, also helpful during discussion)
  • Posters up around the room (see below)

Facilitator Supplies:

Teacher Materials:

  • None


As Participants Come In

Welcome (8 minutes)

Computer Science and CS Fundamentals (15 minutes)

Overview of Day (7 minutes)

Facilitation Guide

As Participants Come In

As participants filter in to the space have them:

  • Grab breakfast
  • Put a post it with your name on the grade levels poster
  • Make a name tag
  • Get online
  • Register attendance via the attendance link
  • Join the section you made for your online puzzles

Welcome (8 minutes)

(8 minutes) Welcome

  • Quick overview of who's in the room

    • 15 second introductions
      • Name
      • Where you teach/work
    • facilitator(s) -- make sure you introduce yourself and share some details about your background!
  • Give overview of space (parking lot, expectations, etc)

    • How to get to bathrooms
    • Where food/drinks are/will be


We will use a question parking lot to capture questions that come up that aren’t applicable for the current topic being discussed. We will spend 5 minutes before each break working on parking lot items, and we’ll clear out the parking lot before you leave today.

Computer Science and CS Fundamentals (15 minutes)

(15 minutes) Overview

Use slides to give an overview of CS and CS Fundamentals

  • (1 min) What is CS? (give a definition)
    • Set up that computer science is
  • (6 min) What are some common misconceptions about what computer science actually is?

    • (2 min) CS is about learning tech
    • (2 min) CS is vocational
    • (2 min) the state of CS in your state
  • (8 min) What is CS Fundamentals?

    • (3 min) CS Fundamentals has courses for each grade, k-5.
      • Give a brief overview of what makes each grade band of courses unique
    • (5 min) Approaches to teaching in CS Fundamentals
      • Storytime books
      • Unplugged activities
      • Plugged activities
      • Bridging activities (to connect the two)
      • Different approaches to programming and types of blocks for different ages
      • Teacher Resources

Overview of Day (7 minutes)

(2 minutes) Workshop Overview


  • We are/I am going to model two lessons for you! (one unplugged, one plugged)
  • You’re going to prepare and dry run an unplugged lesson


  • We’ll talk about how to use the Website to manage your courses and students
  • You will prepare and dry run a plugged lesson
  • We’ll discuss strategies for teaching these lessons to your students
  • You’ll build an implementation plan
    • NOTE -- we’ll refer to this implementation plan several times today

(2 minutes) Set Intentions

In your journals: set your intentions for the day and for the course (to come back to at the end of the day)


  • What do you hope to get out of this workshop?
  • What do you currently plan or hope to do with CS Fundamentals and your students?“

(3 minutes) Norms

Prompt: What kind of environment do you need in order to get the most out of today?