Lesson 34: Revise Your Project



Over the course of five lessons, students will be building up to building a project of their own design using either Play Lab or Artist as their programming environment. Now that the projects are built, students are given the opportunity to get feedback from peers and revise their projects. The lesson guide overviewing all five stages of the process can be found in the beginning of the project process, here.


This lesson helps students take a step back and view their project from a new perspective. Here, students will be able to decide if they have reached their goals. If they haven't, this lesson gives them time and space to complete the project.


Day 4 - Revise Your Project (45 min)


Students will be able to:

  • Determine if the criteria set in a rubric has been met with their current project.
  • Draft and implement plans to resolve any issues in their code.


Report a Bug

Teaching Guide

Day 4 - Revise Your Project (45 min)

Reflect and Try Again

Goal: Students will work with another group to give and receive feedback in an effort to make each other’s projects stronger.


For reflections, have each group pair up with another group to try each other’s projects. After about 10 minutes, have the groups discuss the questions in the Final Project Design Worksheet.

Encourage students to ask the questions on the FPDW and write down feedback provided by their reviewing teams so that they can refer back to it later. This portion should take approximately 15 more minutes.

Lesson Tip:

Teachers should avoid assigning the final bit of project work as homework unless they are certain that students both live within a close proximity to one another and have internet access at home.

Try Again:

With their new reflections in hand, students can head back to their machines to make a handful of edits. With just 10 minutes left, they will likely have to select only the most important feedback to incorporate.

Standards Alignment

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CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards

AP - Algorithms & Programming
  • 1B-AP-16 - Take on varying roles, with teacher guidance, when collaborating with peers during the design, implementation and review stages of program development.