Lesson 33: Build Your Project



Over the course of five lessons, students will be building up to building a project of their own design using either Play Lab or Artist as their programming environment. Now the students will be given their own space to create their project with either Artist or Play Lab. This will be the longest portion of the project. The lesson guide overviewing all five stages of the process can be found in the beginning of the project process, here.


This lesson provides students with ample time to build and revise their projects. The trial and error inevitably involved in this lesson will teach problem solving and persistence.


Day 3 - Build Your Project (45 min)


Students will be able to:

  • Use the planned design as a blueprint for creation.
  • Overcome obstacles such as time constraints or bugs.


Report a Bug

Teaching Guide

Day 3 - Build Your Project (45 min)


Students will use this day to build an initial version of their project.

Equipped with their Final Project Design - Worksheet, students should head to the computers to start bringing their projects to life.

This process will come complete with plenty of trial and error. Projects are likely to become truncated versions of the original scope (if not morphed altogether). Remind students that this kind of compromise is common in software design, but they need to be sure to document the reasons for the changes in their product.

Don’t let the class forget to fill out their Final Project Design - Worksheet as they go. It might be helpful to suggest that pairs/groups take a worksheet break to begin discussing these questions about halfway through their lab time. Alternatively, the navigator can keep their eyes open for pertinent answers while the driver codes.

Be sure that each team member has their own Final Project Design Worksheet, as there are questions about each student’s own individual thoughts and behaviors that need to get captured along the way.

Standards Alignment

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CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards

AP - Algorithms & Programming
  • 1B-AP-11 - Decompose (break down) problems into smaller, manageable subproblems to facilitate the program development process.