CS Discoveries Facilitator Resources 2019

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Workshop Dashboard

Head to the Workshop Dashboard to see your scheduled workshops, take attendance, and view your survey feedback.

CS Discoveries Curriculum

Access the full CS Discoveries curriculum, including plugged and unplugged activities, lesson plans, pacing guides, and more.

Facilitator Handbook

The handbook contains resources and materials to help you be a successful Code.org facilitator.

Resources for Academic Year Workshops (AYWs)


Have questions about running your AYW? Visit our FAQs

2-day Workshop Guide

If you are hosting a 2-day AYW, be sure to review the Crafting 2-day Academic Year Workshop Guide.

Travel Policy

Be sure to review the Travel Policy if you know that you'll be traveling at least 25 miles (or more than one hour) to an Academic Year Workshop this year, and always check in with your Regional Partner before making any arrangements.

Facilitator Tools Guide

Check out our Facilitator Tools Guide for details (plus screenshots!) about navigating the workshop dashboard, surveys, and more.


2019 CS Discoveries Local Summer Workshop

This is the detailed facilitator agenda for Local Summer Workshops. This is a 5 day in-person training is designed to prepare teachers to start teaching CS D... more

CSD 2019-20 Workshop 1 - 1 Day

1-day workshop that covers Unit 3 of CS Discoveries. more

CSD 2019-20 Workshop 2 - 1 Day

1-day workshop covering Unit 4 of CS Discoveries. more

CSD 2019-20 Workshop 3 - 1 Day

1-day workshop covering Unit 5 of CS Discoveries. more

CSD 2019-20 Workshop 4 - 1 Day

1-day workshop covering Unit 6 of CS Discoveries. more

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6-12 Facilitator Forum

Engage in discussion, view webinar recordings, and access or share resources.

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