Lesson 8: Project - Tell a Data Story Part 2

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This is the second day of a project where students use the Data Analysis Process to tell a data story. Students complete the second page of the Activity Guide for this project during this lesson.


The goal of this lesson is for students to put into use all of the data analysis skills they have practiced throughout this unit.


Lesson Modifications

Warm Up (0 mins)

Activity (35 mins)

Wrap Up (10 mins)

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Students will be able to:

  • Follow the Data Analysis Process to tell a data story
  • Explain information in a visualization
  • Describes new insights or decisions that can be made based on a visualization
  • Recognize and explain potential bias in a dataset or interpretation


  • Review the rubric in the Project Guide


Heads Up! Please make a copy of any documents you plan to share with students.

For the Teachers

For the Students

Teaching Guide

Lesson Modifications

Attention, teachers! If you are teaching virtually or in a socially-distanced classroom, please read the full lesson plan below, then click here to access the modifications.

Warm Up (0 mins)

Do This: Move to the activity portion of the lesson.

Activity (35 mins)

Do This: Students work on Page 2 of the Project Guide that covers the "New Information" step of the Data Analysis Process. Encourage students to be thorough in their answers. If they are struggling to answer the prompts, they may want to reconsider their visualization.

Wrap Up (10 mins)

Review: Review the rubric

Do This: Collected completed Project Guides from students.

Assessment: Project

Assess using the rubric on the final page of the Project Guide.

Standards Alignment

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CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards (2017)

DA - Data & Analysis
  • 3A-DA-11 - Create interactive data visualizations using software tools to help others better understand real-world phenomena.
  • 3B-DA-05 - Use data analysis tools and techniques to identify patterns in data representing complex systems.
  • 3B-DA-06 - Select data collection tools and techniques to generate data sets that support a claim or communicate information.