CS Discoveries 2020-2021

Unit 6


Unit 6 - Physical Computing

Lesson 1: Innovations in Computing

  • Innovation: A new or improved idea, device, product, etc, or the development thereof

Lesson 7: Analog Input

  • Analog: Any continuously changing signal that is not restricted to finite set of values. For example, the wave forms of spoken words are an analog signal.
  • Digital: Data or signals represented by a finite number of values. Analog signals (which can have infinite values) must be converted to digital in order to be computed with.

Lesson 10: Arrays and Color LEDs

  • Array: A data structure in JavaScript used to represent a list.

Lesson 12: Arrays and For Loops

  • Array: A data structure in JavaScript used to represent a list.
  • For Loop: Loops that have a predetermined beginning, end, and increment (step interval).

Lesson 14: Functions with Parameters

  • Parameter: An extra piece of information passed to a function to customize it for a specific need

Lesson 15: Circuits and Physical Prototypes

  • Circuit: A device that provides a path for an electric current to flow, often modifying that current. In computers, circuits allow for simple logical and mathematical operations using electricity.
  • Prototype: A first or early model of a product that allows you to test assumptions before developing a final version.