Hour of Code




Lesson 1: Programming Unplugged: My Robotic Friends Relay

  • Algorithm: A list of steps to finish a task.
  • Bug: Part of a program that does not work correctly.
  • Debugging: Finding and fixing problems in an algorithm or program.

Lesson 2: Text Compression

  • Lossless Compression: a data compression algorithm that allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data.

Lesson 3: Simple Encryption

  • Caesar Cipher : a technique for encryption that shifts the alphabet by some number of characters
  • Cipher: the generic term for a technique (or algorithm) that performs encryption
  • Cracking encryption: When you attempt to decode a secret message without knowing all the specifics of the cipher, you are trying to "crack" the encryption.
  • Decryption: a process that reverses encryption, taking a secret message and reproducing the original plain text
  • Encryption: a process of encoding messages to keep them secret, so only "authorized" parties can read it.
  • Random Substitution Cipher: an encryption technique that maps each letter of the alphabet to a randomly chosen other letters of the alphabet.

Lesson 4: Dance Party: Unplugged

  • Event: An action that causes something to happen.