AP Create PT Prep

This unit contains lessons to help students with preparation and execution of the AP® Performance Task: Create – Applications from Ideas

The lessons in this unit are meant to be taken piecemeal rather than as a typical unit sequence. Instead of a sequence of connected lessons, these represent a more modular breakdown of the things you need to do to

1) Review and understand the AP Create Task, scoring guidelines and sample submissions 2) Hands-on practice interpreting tricky elements of the task, and making a plan for completing the tasks in the time allotted 3) Actually doing the tasks and submitting.

The activities should be viewed as a suggested strategy for having students review and prepare for the task in a whole-class, inquiry-based way in keeping with other parts of the curriculum, but they are not required for understanding the tasks themselves.

Chapter 1: AP Create Performance Task Preparation

Week 1

Lesson 1: Create PT: Review the Task (1 hr)

  • Review the Task
  • Review Scoring Guidelines and Sample Tasks
  • Wrap Up
  • (Optional) AP Digital Portfolio Setup

This lesson contains a series of activities you can use to help students familiarize themselves with Create Performance Task, how it is scored, and some example tasks provided by the College Board.

Student Links: | | | | | | | | College Board Handout | College Board Student Handout | College Board Site |

Lesson 2: Create PT: Make a Plan (90 mins)

  • Getting Started (5 mins)
  • Activity (70 mins)
  • Wrap-up (10 Minutes)

This lesson uses the Create PT Survival Guide as the backbone for a series of activities to ramp up to doing the actual Create PT. It contains activities to help students understand the algorithm and abstraction requirements of the task, as well as activities to help them narrow down and brainstorm ideas for their actual project.

Teacher Links: Student Links: High Resolution PDF | College Board Student Handout | |

Week 2

Lesson 3: Create PT: Complete the Task (12 hrs)

  • Getting started
  • Activity (12 hours)
  • Wrap-up

The lesson includes some final reminders and guidelines for completing the Create PT before officially starting. For a total of 12 class hours, you will work on your project with only types of teacher support allowed (essentially: Advise on process, not ideas). You may also work with a collaborative partner in in development of you program - written responses must be done on your own.

Teacher Links: | Student Links: | College Board Site | | College Board Student Handout

Chapter Commentary

Lessons that cover the preparation and completion of the Create Performance Task