Professional Learning - CS Fundamentals 2018

Welcome to Professional Learning Program for the CS Fundamentals Curriculum!

Important Resources

Resource What will you find there?
Facilitator Playbook
  • Overview of Philosophy and Values
  • CS Fundamentals Facilitator Development Program Overview
  • CS Fundamentals Facilitation Guide
  • Meeting Recordings, Links and Resources
  • Workshop Logistics
CS Fundamentals Facilitator Community
  • Asking a question that all can benefit from reading now and later
  • Sharing resources others will want in the future
CS Fundamentals Facilitator Slack Channel
  • Quick Questions
  • Reaching out to a certain facilitator
New to Slack? Check out this:
Guide To Getting Started in Slack
Facilitation Guide
  • Overview of Modalities & Session Types
  • Guide to reading an Agenda
  • Ideas for checking in on room rapport
Workshop Dashboard
  • Find information about the School Year Workshops in your area
CS Fundamentals Facilitator Google Drive Folder
  • Any resources we link you to should be able to be found in your folder
Grouping and Share Out Strategies
  • Different share out strategies you can try in your workshops

Workshop Agendas


CS Fundamentals Introduction (2018-19 curriculum)

A foundational look at CS Fundamentals for educators who are interested in learning more and getting started with the course. more

CS Fundamentals Deep Dive

For teachers who have already started who want to go farther into course materials, teaching practices, and strategies for continuing to teach CS Fundamentals. more