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Unit 1 - Digital Information

Unit Overview Students explore the way computers store and represent complex information like numbers, text, images, and sound. The unit begins with students... more

Unit 2 - The Internet

Unit Overview Students learn how the Internet works and discuss its impacts on politics, culture, and the economy. This unit heavily features the Internet Si... more

Unit 3 - Intro to App Design

Unit Overview Students design their first app while learning both fundamental programming concepts and collaborative software development processes. Students... more

Unit 4 - Variables, Conditionals, and Functions

Unit Overview Students expand the types of apps they can create as they learn how to store information (variables), make decisions (conditionals), and better... more

Unit 5 - Lists, Loops, and Traversals

Unit Overview Students learn to build apps that use and process lists of information. Like the previous unit, students learn the core concepts of lists, loop... more

Unit 6 - Algorithms

Unit Overview Students learn to design and analyze algorithms to understand how they work and why some algorithms are considered more efficient than others. ... more

Unit 7 - Parameters, Return, and Libraries

Unit Overview Students learn how to design clean and reusable code that can be shared with a single classmate or the entire world. In the beginning of the un... more

Unit 8 - Create PT Prep

This short unit prepares students to complete the AP® Create Performance Task (PT). Students will have learned the skills and concepts necessary to complete ... more

Unit 9 - Data

Unit Overview Students explore and visualize datasets from a wide variety of topics as they hunt for patterns and try to learn more about the world around th... more

Unit 10 - Cybersecurity and Global Impacts

Unit Overview Students research and debate current events at the intersection of data, public policy, law, ethics, and societal impact in the final unit of t... more