CS in Algebra

Code.org has partnered with Bootstrap to develop a curriculum which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. The twenty lessons focus on concepts like order of operations, the Cartesian plane, function composition and definition, and solving word problems - all within the context of video game design. By shifting classwork from abstract pencil-and-paper problems to a series of relevant programming problems, Code.org CS in Algebra demonstrates how algebra applies in the real world, using an exciting, hands-on approach to create something cool.

Course A

The first 10 hour course provides students with the foundational skills and knowledge to begin using computer programming as a tool to learn about and develop algebraic functions. Students will be introduced to a graphical programming language designed for Algebra instruction, through which they will gain a deeper understanding of the order of operations, create images with algebraic expressions, and learn a technique for creating functions called the Design Recipe.

Course B

For classes that wish to go further, the second 10 hour course builds on the skills students developed in Course A through the development of a simple video game. Students will delve deeper into the intersection of Math and CS by studying topics such as boolean logic, piecewise functions, and collision detection with the Pythagorean Theorem, using these concepts to build supporting functions that will eventually drive the logic in their culminating game.